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Tri-State Megabucks Plus®, NH Powerball® and NH Powerball® with Power Play®, NH Mega Millions and NH Mega Millions with Megaplier and NH Hot Lotto and NH Hot Lotto with Sizzler!

To purchase a subscription via this Web site, both the purchaser and recipient must have New Hampshire mailing addresses.

In New Hampshire, subscriptions for all games displayed below may be purchased at any of our 1,250 lottery retailers statewide regardless of where you live. Wherever lottery tickets are sold, subscriptions are also on sale!

Now you can order or renew Tri-State Megabucks Plus®, NH Powerball®, NH Mega Millions® and NH Hot Lotto® Subscriptions for yourself or as a special gift for a friend or family member on our Web site! No more forgetting to buy your tickets, no more waiting in line to buy your tickets, no more remembering to check your tickets – just a few great reasons for buying a subscription or two from the New Hampshire Lottery Commission! When your subscription accumulates prizes of $10 or greater or you win a prize of $10 or greater, we’ll automatically send you a prize check! And when you win the jackpot prize, we’ll give you a call!

PLEASE NOTE: Credit card companies may charge a surcharge fee or a cash advance fee for this type of transaction. Please contact your credit card company prior to completing this transaction.

Please feel free to print out a subscription application form below and send in with your payment by check, money order or lottery gift certificate. See links below. Adobe Acrobat is required to view these forms.
PowerBall Form   Tri-State Megabucks Form  Mega Millions Form  Hot Lotto Form

Subscription is not effective for the current draw. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. If you have any questions please call 271-2825.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase lottery tickets.

Please understand that upon receipt and processing of your order, the Lottery will assign the next available effective draw date for the subscription. The subscription does not become effective until the date listed on your confirmation card. It is the player’s responsibility to enter into any drawings that may occur before the start date of your subscription. It is your responsibility to notify the New Hampshire Lottery Commission of incorrect data on the confirmation card prior to the effective start date of the subscription.

Per SW 5001.10 Original Subscription and RULE No. 25 SUBSCRIPTIONS found at Subscriptions, once in effect, cannot be cancelled in whole or in part unless authorized by the Commission as a result of and prior to the implementation of a game change.

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