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Title: Course Full - HWC Module - Chemistry for Waste Determinations 
Description: This Course is Full - This Hazardous Waste Coordinator recertification module is designed for a hazardous waste coordinator who holds a current certification. This Hazardous Waste Coordinator recertification module is intended to provide the attendee with additional tools to make proper waste determinations with the further objective of reducing some of the intimidation of the process. At the time of this posting, the class is expected to consist of presentations that review basic chemistry (taught by a non-chemist), and try to explain why materials have the properties they do, describe how some chemicals get their names, and predict how materials will behave in different environments. It is NOT required that registrants attend the other hazardous waste determination modules prior to this class. All modules consist of a morning session dedicated to the primary topic, and an afternoon session spent as a more general review of hazardous waste management requirements. 
Date(s): Thursday, September 25, 2014
Time(s): 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Event type: Training 
WebSite: http://des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/waste/hwcb/hwcs/hwccp/index.htm
Location: Department of Environmental Services, Concord, NH
Location: 29 Hazen Drive, Rms. 110-114
Audience: Waste Management Division 
Contact name: Tim Prospert 
Contact email: timothy.prospert@des.nh.gov 
Contact phone: (603) 271-7837
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