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Title: Draft 401 Water Quality Certification for NHDOT Route 12 Reconstruction Project available for comment 
Description: The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (Applicant) is proposing to reconstruct and operate approximately 2.75 miles of N.H. Route 12 in the Towns of Walpole and Charlestown (Activity). The road is located between the Connecticut River to the west and the New England Central Railroad (NECR) to the east. The purpose of this project is to address multiple accidents that have occurred along this section of roadway, several of which indicate safety concerns associated with lack of shoulders, outdated guardrail, and the absence of safety zones between the roadway and the Connecticut River or the railroad. Further, the roadway is showing signs of substantial deterioration with several embankment locations showing signs of instability and sloughing into the river. 
Date(s): 9/27/2017 - 10/18/2017
Event type: Public Comment Period 
WebSite: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/water/wmb/section401/coe_ind.htm
Contact name: Gregg Comstock 
Contact title: Supervisor 
Contact email: gregg.comstock@des.nh.gov 
Contact phone: (603) 271-2983
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