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Title: Agriculture, "Agritourism" & Local Land Use Controls 
Description: The NH Municipal Lawyers Association and Crean Law Office present a timely and important seminar on a topic of keen importance to New Hampshire local governments. The State Legislature has decreed that "Agriculture makes vital and significant contributions . . . and shall not be unreasonably limited by use of municipal planning and zoning powers . . . ." In addition, state law defines "agritourism'' as attracting visitors to a working farm for the purpose of eating a meal, making overnight stays, enjoyment of the farm environment, education on farm operations, or active involvement in the activity of the farm which is ancillary to the farm operation." How municipal land use powers should be interpreted and applied in 2014 and beyond will be reviewed in the context of situations such as: "Agritourism" & Determining Whether Activities Are Ancillary to Farm Operations; Urban & Suburban Activities, such as "Backyard Chickens" and "Front Yard Gardens"; Large Scale Agricultural Uses and Land Use Controls Scheduled Seminar Presenters (Additional Presenters May Be Added) Attorney Michael Donovan, Donovan Law Office, Concord, NH Attorney Daniel Crean, Crean Law Office, Pembroke, NH 
Date(s): Thursday, January 30, 2014
Time(s): 1:30 - 4:00 PM
Event type: Land Use Workshop 
WebSite: http://www.nhmla.com/page12.html
Location: NHMA, 25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord, NH
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